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Our NFTs

  • Limited to 100,000, Alpha Pass NFTs offer unlimited rewards.
  • Gated Pass to Daily $10,000 Tournaments.
  • Your Gamer Badge, With Player Data, Scores, and Wins
  • Gain exclusive entry to gaming events and unique benefits
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We're committed to crafting fresh, inventive, and immersive gaming adventures. Gaming Arcade stands at the forefront as a global web3 gaming platform. Our trailblazing gaming innovations are powered by cutting-edge technology and blockchain, all designed for the world to experience, acknowledge, and engage with

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Eco System

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Play To Win

Dive into the thrill of web3 games with daily play to win opportunities. Our user-friendly games are designed to ensure your enjoyment

Play to Earn - Gaming Arcade
Positive Play - Gaming Arcade

Empowering Positive Play

Experience secure and transparent on-chain transactions, coupled with fully visible scores, all presented through a user-friendly interface

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Bring any web2 game to our platform effortlessly using Gaming Arcade's SDK, offering a one-stop destination for gaming companies to integrate with us

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