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Our NFTs

  • Stake NFTs to be in governance
  • Pay 0% platform commission
  • Earn 50% of revenue equally distributed among stakers
  • Access to gaming parties and goodies
  • Free tournament access for limitless earnings
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We are dedicated to creating new, innovative, and immersive gaming experiences. Gaming Arcade is a leading web3 gaming platform for the world to play. Through our cutting-edge gaming innovations, we aim to deliver games backed by modern-day technology, blockchain. Everything we design is for the world to play, recognise, and react.

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Experience the fun and excitement of playing web3 games with increased chances of winning cryptos. Our easy-to-play games are to make sure, you enjoy our experience and services.

Play to Earn - Gaming Arcade
Positive Play - Gaming Arcade

Positive Play

You, being a part of the gaming community know the value of positive, fair, and inclusive playing. Join the community at Gaming Arcade, we encourage you to use the tools and controls, specially designed to improve your gaming experience.

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Connect the web3 game to be part of our gaming community. We are at our best to provide a dedicated space to every game development company to bring its unique paradigms to celebrate openness and curiosity for positive play.

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