Welcome to the most exciting and state-of-the-art platform to build your blockchain application on ThunderCore Blockchain. If you are an Ethereum developer, developing on ThunderCore should be seamless and smooth as ThunderCore is fully Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and inherits most of the tools and libraries from Ethereum. This page acts as a quick guide into the ThunderCore developer platform. You will find links to some useful resources and websites to get you to start building applications on ThunderCore. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord when you need any help!

Developer quick start

Our blockchain natively supports EVM compatible smart contracts. The tools required to develop on ThunderCore includes:

  • Setup Metamask Wallet or other web wallet
  • Deploy your contracts on ThunderCore
    • Using Remix
    • Using Truffle
    • Using Hardha
  • Testnet faucet: https://faucet-testnet.thundercore.com/
  • Blockchain Explorers
    • Mainnet: https://viewblock.io/thundercore
    • Testnet: https://explorer-testnet.thundercore.com/
  • The ThunderCore's external protocol is compatible with Ethereum. Your existing code supporting Ethereum has a good chance to work as-is
Official Websitewww.gamingarcade.com
Block Explorerwww.scan/gamingarcade.com/
Chain IDthunder-mainnet: 108 (0x6c)

How do I get a ThunderCore address?

ThunderCore is Ethereum (EVM) compatible. Any address created for Ethereum will work on ThunderCore. You can use MetaMask and/or any other popular Ethereum wallet to create ThunderCore address. To access the ThunderCore blockchain all you will need to do is to point network RPC to one of the following:



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Developer quick start

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