Brand Guidelines And Assets

Embark on a grand adventure through the realm of Gaming Arcade, where the possibilities are boundless and creativity knows no limits. Our treasure trove of assets awaits those who dare to dream, ready to enhance your journey with stunning visuals and iconic logos. Unlock the gates to our Brand Resource Center, where a captivating collection of screenshots and logos beckon, promising to transport your imagination to new heights.

For those seeking to weave our magic into the tapestry of larger-than-life gaming experiences, a special invitation awaits. Radio, broadcast, print, or out-of-home advertisements exceeding the dimensions of 8.5 x 11 inches (A4 size) open doors to the extraordinary. Seek permission and share your vision in the universal language of innovation - English. Unleash your creativity by accompanying your request with a mesmerizing mock-up, an enchanting glimpse into the awe-inspiring integration of our brand's logo.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, where Gaming Arcade's assets become the brushstrokes in the masterpiece of your imagination. Let's redefine the boundaries of what's possible and forge unforgettable experiences together.


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Game Controller - Gaming Arcade

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Gaming Arcade Logo

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Gaming Arcade Logo

Logo Original


Gaming Arcade Logo

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Logo Variations

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RGB255, 192, 0

SCSSrgba(255, 192, 0, 1)

Red Pigment


RGB236, 28, 38

SCSSrgba(236, 28, 38, 1)

Blue Munsell


RGB36, 145, 174

SCSSrgba(36, 145, 174, 1)

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utilizing the brand

You should refrain from using the brand image in manners that suggest sponsorship, partnership, or emphasize Gaming Arcade as the sole prominent or distinguishing element. It is essential to avoid any script or storyline contexts that portray the brand in a negative manner. It is necessary to adhere to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Consistency Assurance

  • Make sure you use Gaming Arcade as a whole and in the same font style and size as the surrounding content.

  • When developing a website, app, or any product or service that utilizes Gaming Arcade or is in any way associated with or compatible with Gaming Arcade, you are permitted to use Gaming Arcade in a descriptive manner. For example, you may state that your game is "designed and you can play the game on Gaming Arcade" or that the name of your campaign is "on Gaming Arcade."

  • Refrain from translating, abbreviating, or altering the term "Gaming Arcade" into any other language using non-English characters, and avoid substituting it with any of our logos.

  • Avoid using the terms "Gaming" or "Arcade" in relation to your own brand.

  • Combining the Gaming Arcade brand with a company name, generic terms, or other trademarks is strictly prohibited.

Avoid Shedding Negative Light

Avoid representing the Gaming Arcade brand in ways where:

  • Gaming Arcade may appear in a television advertisement alongside other Gaming Arcade businesses or products.

  • Unless it is a general "Follow us on..." call-to-action, it is not appropriate to include other blockchains/crypto/web3.0/De-Fi-based platforms in the same context as Gaming Arcade or its products.

  • When generating a hashtag incorporating the terms "Gaming" or "Arcade," it is essential to refrain from utilizing it on alternative social platforms. Furthermore, it is advisable not to invest any resources in enforcing or obtaining rights for such a hashtag.

Keep Gaming Arcade
Apart From others
Web3.0/De-Fi Based

using the gaming arcadeBrand in TV & Film

When employing Gaming Arcade in mainstream media, it is imperative to ensure that members of our community receive appropriate acknowledgement for their content.

Gaming Arcade Brand in TV and Film

Movies, Commercials
& Shows

To maintain your presence on Gaming Arcade in any of its products or utilize screenshots of King's Charts and its product interface for commercial purposes, such as in short films, movies, weekly shows, TV or web series, and other videos, it is essential to adhere to our approval process. Please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Follow the guidelines below for utilizing Gaming Arcade in commercial, film, or show productions. To begin, kindly provide us with the core section of the script and a prototype of the Gaming Arcade asset.

  • If the intended usage is ambiguous, we may require the complete script for review. Additionally, please include an animated script, business development sketches, and digital storyboards for consideration.

  • It is important to utilize only the approved assets. Upon submitting your request, we aim to respond within a timeframe of two to three weeks.

  • After completing the creatives, which include your mock and script, please submit the nearly finalized version of our asset through your media.

  • Regarding animation, ensure that the final clip is uploaded once the animation process is complete.

  • Upon receiving your finalized creatives, we will provide a response within two to three weeks.

  • If the approval process exceeds the timeframe of two to three weeks, kindly revise your creative and resubmit the request while following our guidelines. Please note that written approval is necessary for finalizing any approvals.


At Gaming Arcade, we place great emphasis on safeguarding and advancing our intellectual property. We take active measures to protect our trademarks and pursue worldwide registration for our logos and trademarks. These trademarks are the exclusive property of Gaming Arcade and their usage must adhere to the aforementioned guidelines or receive explicit permission from Gaming Arcade. Below are a few examples of our registered trademarks.

Any attempt to register, use, or assert rights over any of Gaming Arcade’s trademarks, whether as a service mark, trade name, trademark, company name, domain registration, or username, is strictly prohibited. You are prohibited from utilizing or claiming any trademark rights that bear suspicious resemblance to or dilution of Gaming Arcade’s trademarks, either as a standalone trademark or as part of one. Please employ Gaming Arcade’s trademarks only for purposes that align with our Community Standards and Terms of Service.

We retain the right to rescind authorization to use Gaming Arcade’s trademarks at any given time. Gaming Arcade also reserves the right to reject content that it deems inconsistent with the Gaming Arcade brand.