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Cookie Policy

The page consists of the information for the use, collection, and disclosure of the data we collect through various means (as discussed in the Privacy Policy Page)

Technology we use

As per the requirements, we use several technologies to assure the user is authentic and is not operating the Gaming Arcade website on any device subjected to restriction. We adhere to the policies and crafted our services to .not accept any request if a person is using any of the proxies or VPN (whether paid or unpaid), assuring data protection, we do not allow the IP address to make any request to the site's server.

Several information that we record

We are adhering to using the technology to count your log-in sessions. There are several aspects that you should have to look at before you connect your wallet or sign up to get access to our gaming library.

  • We record your log-in sessions from every device you log in to using the same decentralized wallet.
  • You should not change your login device to see the recently played games sections.
  • In case you change your login device but use the same wallet, in this case, you will lose the history of the recently played game. Gaming Arcade will count your login as a new session.
  • We do not store nor track your IP address, neither your device name or your device activation country. We neither claim to share any such information with the third party nor in contract with any third party for sharing the above-mentioned information.